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Get Started Health Network #7: Beer & BBQ

Gestern stand die Sommerausgabe unseres Get Started Health Network auf dem Programm. Vielmehr muss man angesichts des Dauerregens in Berlin von Herbstausgabe sprechen. Vom Wetter ließ sich jedoch kaum jemand abhalten: 50 Teilnehmer aus dem Digital Health Ökosystem kamen zu unserem Gastgeber Atlantic Labs, um sich bei Bier und Barbecue auszutauschen.


Looking back: Get Started IoT Network on Data Protection & IoT Security

The cyberattack in May 2017 affecting hospitals, universities and companies worldwide once again showed how vulnerable we are when confronted with such attacks. Together with our partner SAP, we felt that we needed to address this topic at our next network. That is why we decided to focus on two current topics at our Get Started IoT Network on Monday in Munich: Data Protection & IoT Security.


Get Started IoT Network on Data Protection & IoT Security

IoT startups watch out: At our next Get Started IoT Network, which we organize together with SAP IoT Accelerator, we will focus on two current IoT topics: Data Protection & IoT Security.

As of yet, every fifth company has not dealt with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Has your company?  If you are not sure what this new regulation means for your company, Tobias Göldner (Bitkom Data Protection Officer) would like to help you by shedding some light on its implications for your products.READ MORE