Innovators’ Pitch: The finalists for the Digital Health category

Only a few days to go until Innovators’ Pitch! Nine great startups will present their products and prototypes to an expert jury at hub conference on November 22. Three of them drive innovation in the field of Digital Health. Here are our finalists:

Careship is an online marketplace where those in need of care and their dependents find a personal carer or everyday helper. This digital platform will make it possible for senior citizens in particular to live independently in their own home for a longer period of time.Innovators' Pitch 2016: Digital Health, IoT, Mobility

Corticare drew upon cutting-edge technologies to develop a solution for hormone tests without using any syringes or devices that penetrate the body. The start-up found that test strips and a measuring device can be used to measure cortisone levels in saliva without requiring time-consuming, expensive laboratory testing.

Medicus developed an app that displays blood test results in a way that is easy for all patients to understand. Machine learning also enables the Medicus app to interpret all medical findings in real time, assess risks and provide health tips.

Digital Health powered by Pfizer

The Innovators’ Pitch is powered by PfizerSAPHEREVisa Europe Collab and other great partners. Pfizer is our partner for the Digital Health category. Two years ago Pfizer founded the Berlin Healthcare Lab to work together with startups on digital solutions in the field of Digital Health. We visited Pfizer’s „Startup-Sprechstunde“ which is part of the Berlin Healthcare Lab and talked to jury member Thorsten Mintel.