Startups at hub conference: Gammachef

Today is the day! The hub conference just started and we are glad to have 12 startups in our Get Started Area who present innovative technologies, products and prototypes. One of them is the startup GammaChef, wo developed a robotic chef.

Who are you and what are you doing?

We are Drazen and Dulijano, founders of GammaChef. We like to build products and businesses around them. We are passionate about technology but even more passionate about food, both of us are amateur chefs.

We built GammaChef. GammaChef is robotic chef that is capable of preparing any one pot meal. It is pragmatic household appliance that is bringing 21th century technology into our kitchens.

What makes you unique?

GammaChef is unique kind of machine, not many machines can cook real tasty Italian style risotto :-). At its core is a digital recipe. Based on that recipe GammaChef will prepare you fresh, home made and tasty meal at any desired time. It is easy; you have just to use your smartphone, tablet or built in touch screen and choose from hundreds of preprogrammed recipes. You can control GammaChef from any place over the Internet. Since it is connected to Internet you can do lot other stuff with it: you can find new recipes on internet, buy cookbooks, follow diets, adapt existing or create new meals, share, comment. It is really part of Internet of things trend.

Where do you see Gammachef in five years from now?

In five years from now we see GammaChef as a successful and proven consumer product on the shelves. We like to imagine reality where GammaChef is cooking thousands of home made meals every day. We see families sitting together at the table, with healthy and tasty meal ready just at time when working mom comes home from a work.

What are your hopes and expectations for hub conference?

We are hoping to get feedback about our product but also about the meals that GammaChef is preparing. There are some really interesting speakers so we are looking forward to hear them. Also, we expect to find some new business contacts for further developing our project. Last but not the least: we heard that Berlin has great startup community, so we will try to plug into that vibe a bit.