Cryptic health data made easy – meet Medicus at hub@CeBIT

The countdown to CeBIT is running. From next monday until friday you can meet great startups at our hub@CeBIT booth in Hannover (Hall 4, C58). One of them is Medicus. The healthcare startup is based in Vienna and Dubai and is the winner of last year’s Innovators‘ Pitch in the Digital Health category. We wanted to know, what they show us at CeBIT.

What is Medicus? What are you doing?Medicus_Logo

Medicus is a global healthcare company building the future of healthcare through consumer apps and enterprise level applications. We convert health data with its cryptic numbers and medical language into a visual experience with easy-to-understand health insights and actionable recommendations. Using Medicus, users can easily understand their medical and health info and see how they fit within their overall health profile. Therefore we focus on vitals (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) and blood test reports for now (currently at 80 biomarkers). Our ambition is to do this for all patients’ health data and medical reports. In addition, Medicus automates all preventive measures specifically designed for each patient profile. Our aim is to empower a future of continuous personalized healthcare based on real-time health data (e.g. from wearables, connected devices) and medical professionals input (e.g. medical reports and doctor’s input).

What is special about medicus? What makes you unique?

  • User-centered approach: through clear, impactful design and content that makes all info easy to grasp for everyone
  • Reasoning engine: that automates explanations, insights and recommendations based on the exact reasoning that doctors do, and which is exclusively based on accepted medical knowledge and official guidelines
  • Personalized experience: as Medicus adapts the user experience (type of insights, tone of voice, frequency, etc.) based on the unique profile and the interaction patterns with all of Medicus content
  • Complete user privacy: by keeping the data on the user’s phones at all times, so that Medicus strictly avoids storing any data online
  • Automation of preventive medicine: that allows healthcare providers using Medicus to push and track automated yet personalized preventive measures to their patients or members
  • Holistic approach: by not targeting a specific type of users, or a disease, instead focussing on the overall health and wellbeing of the user with all variables taken into account


Medicus at Innovators' Pitch 2016

Last year, Medicus won the Innovators‘ Pitch in Digital Health.

What are the biggest challenges you’re currently working on?

Medicus is slowly working towards a fundamental change in the way healthcare is delivered by making it continuous, preventive and more fluid rather than its current state of being reactive, sparse and rigid. This requires a behavioral and mindset change on the population side in addition to a systematic and philosophical change on the side of the healthcare system. Our challenge here is to adapt to the current working system, working through it with all stakeholders and inching slowly towards the positive change that it needs. Moreover, we have a strong user-centered approach and thus are strictly aligned with personal data privacy, giving all power and control to the user, while simultaneously allowing the data to freely flow wherever it can provide better care. We’re overcoming this challenge by building a unique infrastructure and adopting state-of-the-art privacy control system.

Which trends and technologies will change the healthcare system most in future?

We believe that there are several trends and technologies:

  • AI and automation of certain health care functions
  • Increasing user empowerment
  • On-chip diagnostics, making expensive lengthy tests available in portable instant format
  • Wearables’ continuous development, allowing for real-time feedback
  • Personalized medicine, where no single treatment is the same


What will you show us at your booth at CeBIT?

Our team at CeBIT will have several smart medical devices around to give visitors the chance to experience Medicus app with their personal vitals/ health data, and get a glimpse of how Medicus can elevate the understanding and management of their health and wellbeing. And as Medicus is also built to work within diagnostics labs, hospitals and insurance providers, we seek to speak with industry professionals and decision makers to discuss our approach, listen to their feedback and hopefully work with some of the pioneers on pilot projects.